18 Series of IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Pursuant to Section 4(h), Article II of Republic Act No. Submission of Fire and Safety Assessment Report (FALAR). Memorandum Circular No. New Electrical Engineering Law (RA ). • NBC FORMS. • LEGAL OPINIONS. • P.D. (National Building Code ). • R.A. (Civil Engineering Law). • R.A. (New Architecture Act of ).

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Compensation of Chairman and the BoardMembers.

A horizontal di-ametral space, 6 mm wide shall be provided across theinner circle for the name of the registrant. Refusal to Issue Certificates.

RA 7920 and IRR

Kw refers 79200 the installed capacity of a direct current D. Places and Dates of Examinations. Master electricians with valid certificates of regis-tration and professional licenses under RepublicAct No. Syllabi outlines embodying topics and concepts ofmajor subjects prescribed in specific courses of studyto serve as basis for test questions in the licensure ex-aminations.

Description and operat-ing principles of motors, generators and trans-formers. Commissioner – the Chairman of the Professional Regulation Commission d. If, for any reason, anysection or provision of the herein Rules and Regulationsor the application of such rules and regulations or provi-sion to any person or circumstance is declared unconstitu-tional, unlawful or invalid, no other section or provision ofthis Rules and 720 shall be affected thereby.

Done in the City of Manila this 31st day of August, He is at least twenty-one 21 years of age;c. To qualified applicants for irg, notice of ad-mission shall be issued not later than ten 10 days prior tothe first day of examination. After these submittals are received by PRC, they will be reviewed by at least two 2 Board Members who will then set schedules for the oral examination or interview. A registered master electricians field of practice in-cludes the installation, wiring, operation, maintenanceand repair of electrical machinery, equipment and de-vices, in residential, commercial, institutional, commer-cial and industrial buildings, in power plants, substa-tions, watercrafts,electric locomotives, and the like: If disapproved, the Board shall advise the appli-cant citing the reasons therefore.


Requirements for Examination as irrr Registered Master Electrician – An applicant rs the examination as Registered Master Electrician shall submit the following:.

R.A. NO. by Ian Punzalan on Prezi

Their serial numbers shall be provided by the registra-tion division of the Commission. Perform such other functions and duties as maybe nec-essary to implement 9720 this Act.

The individual interview will be ifr in the assessment of iirr experience, competence and the readiness of the applicant to render professional electrical engineering service. All applicants forregistration for the practice of electrical engineering in thePhilippines shall be required to pass a technical examina-tion as hereafter provided, except as otherwise specifi-cally allowed under this Act.

The Chairman shallbe responsible for the assignment of duties and responsi-bilities to the members and for the supervision and man-agement of their work. Whenever he finds anEngineer violating the rules of unethical or unprofessionalpractices, he should not hesitate to bring the matter to theproper forum for disciplinary or for other appropriate action. Be a professional electrical engineer with a valid cer-tificate of registration and a valid professional licenseduly qualified to practice electrical engineering in thePhilippines;f.

Effectivity Clause – The herein “Rules and Regulations” shall be, upon approval by the Commission, be effective after fifteen 15 days following its full publication in the Official Gazette or any newspaper of general circulation, whichever is earlier.

Issue special permits to individual foreign electricalengineers and electricians for specific project and fora specific duration of time;g. They may, however, be reap-pointed for a second term. Exemption from Examination and Regis-tration. The technical papershall be supported by engineering principles anddata. Provided,That in case the foreign professional ceases to beemployed in accordance with this section and en-gages in an occupation requiring registration aselectrical engineer, such professional must be reg-istered under the provisions of this Act.

Created about 5 years ago. The Board of Electri-cal Engineering shall, within one hundred fifty daysafter the date of completion of the examinations, report theratings obtained by each candidate to the Commission.

He is of good reputation with high moral values;c. Registration and License Required. In the event of refusal to issue certificatesfor any reason, the Board shall give the applicant ier writtenstatement setting forth the reasons for such action, whichstatement shall be incorporated in the records of the Board.


In the reapplication, Rule 14 shallbe observed. Five 5 copies shallbe submitted to the Commission, four 4 of which willbe retained by the Commission, and the fifth copy shallbe rw to the applicant after his copy has beenstamped Received. No foreign engineershall be admitted irrr take a board examination, be given acertificate of registration, or be entitled to any of the rightsand privileges under this Act irg the irrr of whichhe is a subject or citizen specifically permits Filipino engi-neers to practice within its territorial limits on the samebasis as the subjects or citizens of such country.

Qualifications of Board Members. For Professional Electrical Engineers: Being a professional electrical engineer, he has signedand affixed his seal on any plan, design, technical re-ports, valuation, estimate, specification or other simi-lar document or work not prepared by him or not ex-ecuted under his immediate supervision;b.

He has represented himself as having taken charge ofor supervised: The com-missioner shall be the executive offer of the Board and shallconduct the examination given by the Board and shall des-ignate any subordinate officer of the Commission to act assecretary and custodian of all records including lrr exami-nation papers and minutes of the deliberation of the Rra.

The names of the successful examinees with the names andgrades of topnotchers and the names of topperformerschools shall be officially published in the newspaper ofgeneral circulation. An Electrical Engineer should not issue state-ments, criticisms, opinions, arguments or other views onmatters except where public interest is affected. A new certificate of registration to replace any certifi-cate that has been lost, destroyed or mutilated may da is-sued, 79200 to the rules of the Board.