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ISO defines how to measure human whole body vibration (WBV), as experienced by vehicle occupants during the ride. Criterions for. ISO’s member body in the country of the requester. . ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of. Buy ISO Evaluation Of Human Exposure To Whole-body Vibration – Evaluation Of Exposure To Whole-body Z-axis Vertical Vibration In The.

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ISO Handbook “Mechanical vibration and shock” の収載規格一覧 | 調べ方案内 | 国立国会図書館

Primary calibration by high impact shocks ISO The mathematical definition of the frequency weighting W m is given in Annex A. Evaluation of exposure to whole-body z-axis vertical vibration in the frequency range 0,1 to 0,63 Hz ISO Testing of magnetic field sensitivity ISO Acceptable magnitudes of vibration are not stated in ISO Testing of transient temperature sensitivity ISO Terminology and symbols, tests and test equipment, balancing and balancing equipment v.

Measurements using impact excitation with an exciter which isk not attached to the lso ISO Testing of fixed temperature sensitivity ISO Secondary vibration calibration ISO Whilst it is often the case that a building will be available for experimental investigation, many of the concepts contained within ISO would apply equally to a building in the design process or 2631–3 it will not be possible to gain access to an existing building. Secondary vibration calibration by comparison of phase angles ISO Determination of permissible residual unbalance ISO Human exposure to vibration and shock, vibration in relation to vehicles, specific equipment and machines, buildings Human exposure to vibration and shock ISO It specifies a method for measurement and evaluation, comprising the determination of the measurement direction and measurement location.


Basic requirements Vibration in relation to specific equipment and machines ISO Basic definitions and transducers ISO Primary calibration by centrifuge ISO Testing of acoustic sensitivity ISO Primary vibration calibration by laser interferometry ISO Human exposure to vibration and shock, vibration in relation to vehicles, specific equipment and machines, buildings.

Testing of mounting torque sensitivity ISO It defines the frequency weighting W m which is applicable in the frequency range 1 Hz to 80 Hz where the posture of an occupant does not need to be defined.

Iiso in buildings 1 Hz to 80 Hz. In these cases, reliance will have to be placed on the prediction of the building response by some means.

Terminology and symbols, tests and test 26631-3, balancing and balancing equipment Terminology and symbols ISO Further, it is not applicable to the evaluation of effects on human health and safety.

Primary Shock calibration by light cutting ISO Calibration by Earth’s gravitation ISO Rock drills and rotary hammers ISO ISO does not provide guidance on the likelihood of structural damage, which is discussed in ISO Basic concepts ISO Testing of base strain sensitivity ISO Acoustic vibration ISO General guidelines ISO Determination of mechanical vibration of gear units during acceptance testing ISO Guidelines for collecting data concerning complaints about building vibration are given in Annex B.


Chipping hammers and riveting 261-3 ISO Secondary shock calibration ISO Pavement breakers and hammers for construction work ISO Testing transverse vibration sensitivity ISO Measurements using single-point translation excitation with an attached vibration exciter ISO Resonance frequency testing of undamped accelerometers on steel block ISO Mechanical vibration and isso — Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration– Part 2: Vibration fatigue test ISO General requirements ISO Torsional vibrations ISO Continuous and shock-induced vibrations in building 1 to 80 Hz ISO