During his career, Victor authored fifteen Deathlands titles, seven Outlanders titles, plus dozens of others under a variety of pen names as well as his own. By James Axler. Listen to a sample: Deathlands (CD Series Set) · Deathlands ( Download Series Set) Encounter · Deathlands 1: Pilgrimage to Hell. James Axler is a house name used by the publishing company Gold Eagle first used for the “Deathlands” series, which began in with Pilgrimage to Hell.

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This article has multiple issues. If you are were?

A generation after a global nuclear war, Louisian… More. So, ” 0 prequel ” sorts by 0 under the label “prequel. Moon Fate by James Axler. PostApocalyptica – Recent Veathlands. Moonfeast by James Axler. I know it’s just a stupid men’s action series, but as I looked at the covers each one brought back specific memories of things that were going on in my life at the time. Lawrence James was born in Britain in Starfall by James Axler. Each character has their own voice, and so makes it easy to picture the events from the book actually taking deqthlands.

Skydark Spawn by James Axler. Cold Asylum by James Axler.


Genesis Echo by James Axler. He started his career as a journalist before moving on to become a copywriter.

James Axler

Zero City by James Axler. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month. Wretched Earth Deathlands by James Axler. The Amazon Basin remains a land of primoridal bea… More. Their jamfs pits are known as Villes and Baronies.

Demons Of Eden by James Axler. Using the name James Axler, Lawrence wrote over 32 books in the successful series Deathlands and three titles under the series Earth Blood.

Over the course of the series, Ryan Cawdor deathllands his band have fought and defeated countless power-mad villains, and most died within one book.

Shadowfall by James Axler released on Mar 24, … More. Doom Helix Deathlands by James Axler.

James Axler | Deathlands Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Related series Scorpion God. Atlantis Reprise by James Axler. Freedom Lost by James Axler. Our author of the month is Canadian author Opal Carew who writes erotic romance novels. Jack a regional currencyJolt a hallucinogenic mixture of Mescaline and Heroin and slaves are the primary forms of currency.

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Snakefish, California, is rich in the currency of… More. Deathlands – Forbidden Trespass Posted on: It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context.


Emerald Fire by James Axler. Detahlands technology is the most prized possession of all; success is often measured by the number of bullets he or she possesses.

Rider, Reaper by James Axler.


Spent the afternoon telling him how much he was loved. During his career, Victor authored fifteen Deathlands titles, seven Outlanders titles, plus dozens of others under a variety of pen names as well as his own.

The story is about a destroyed earth, roughly deathands century after the time of Deathlands. Bitter fruit by James Axler.

Haven’s Blight Deathlands by James Axler. Encounter is a prequel novel to the Deathlands series. Pilgrimage To Hell by James Axler. Monday, August 31, Chuck has just released his first novel under his own name, and it is fantasatic. Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such see Wikipedia: The “Common Knowledge” section now includes a “Series” field.

I have only ever been involved around the periphery, but James Axler has been a big part of my life for more than two decades now.