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JSS (Revision No. 1) CONTENTS Srl. No. Page No. Appendix ‘L’ Format and Cover Page of Design Specification and Packaging Specification. JSS (Revis 29 JSS (Revision No. 1 FORMAT AND CONTENTS OF PACKAGING SPECIFICATION CONTENTS. JSS Binding data, Design Drawings and Technical documentation. Binding Drawing. The manufacturers shall submit “as built” drawings.

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Though the starting current envelope are different for different helicopters, the starting rectifier will be tested for the helicopter starting current envelope as given below: The input supply should normally be isolated by means of a screened transformer. The equipment is to be designed to withstand, without damage, a short circuit at the output terminals when being supplied at the upper limit of input voltage for the maximum time required to rupture the output fuse or operate the circuit breaker.

The equipment shall be made from approved material as specified in the specification NES Shock and Vibration Requirement Rectifier and associated equipment jas to be submitted for type testing within three months of the placement of order if not tested earlier by Director of Quality Assurance Navy.

The manufacturers shall submit approval jsd As made drawings sufficiently detailed to show 00251 manner of construction and operation, the method of assembly and dismantling. Over Frequency and Under Frequency.

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Transients that exceed the steady state limits but remain within the specified normal transient limits are defined as normal transients. Ripple is the variation of voltage about the steady state C voltage during steady state electric system operation. The frequency converter is to be provided with the following protections: Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC In general, the shaft deflection under designed shock and acceleration shall not kss the air-gap dimension.

The frequency converter set is to be of closed air circuit monoblock type. Over frequency and under frequency are those frequencies which exceed the transient limits for normal operation and are limited by the action of protective devices.


It shall withstand air contamination through oil, salt and other contaminants associated with the marine environment.

Any correction applied for different environmental and installation conditions shall be duly notified to concerned Naval Agencies, seeking their approval.

For the purpose of this EED-Q, the definitions that apply in addition to the general terminology are contained in succeeding paragraphs. The control panel shall be provided with the suitable arrangement for protection of the motor against single phase protection. The converter shall be manufactured to deliver AC power of singlephase or three- phase wye- connected grounded neutral having a nominal Voltage of Volts having following characteristics: The transient voltage performance of the generator with AVR is to be as mentioned at para to Cable glands are to be supplied along with the main equipment for all incoming and outgoing cables.

Each setting of overload trip will correspond to the starting current envelope of a particular type of aircraft and will trip the rectifier in case of overload to preset current value. In view of the above the following are recommended: Although transfer operation as defined herein is a normal function, it is treated separately in this standard because of the power interruption which it may produce.

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The shaft is to be so designed to withstand vibration that occurs at any speed within the operating range or at speed specified for over speed test. Scope Page No 1 2. Care is to be taken in the design and manufacture to ensure that the airborne noise and structure borne vibrations produced by the transformer rectifier, the self induced airborne noise and vibration level must not exceed 60 dB.

And load variations within 10 utilization equipment. The crest factor is the absolute value of the ratio of the peak to the RMS value for each half cycle of the voltage waveform measured over a one second period under steady state conditions.


naval headquarters directorate of electrical

Supply interruptions lasting up to five seconds must not cause malfunction of the equipment and normal performance must be restored automatically on restoration of the supply. Transient that exceed normal transients limits as a result of an abnormal disturbance and eventually return to kss state limits are defined as abnormal transients.

The AVR is to provide all the circuitry and tuning control necessary to ensure that the converter under control of AVR, meets all the steady state, transient, short circuit, trim range and output voltage adjustment.

In case of a conflict between the contents of this document and the applicable portions of the referenced documents, the contents of this document shall take precedence.

Each drawing shall have cross-reference to the other drawings of the series and to the drawings of the associated apparatus, such as contactor box, motors and starters etc. The equipment shall be designed so that all components may be removed from the front of the cubicle with the front cover only removed.

Following draft documents shall be presented for approval of Indian Navy. A transient may also occur as a result of a momentary power interruption or an abnormal disturbance such as fault clearing.

This statement of requirement covers the design, construction test and Test procedure, documents, spare gears etc to ensure compatibility between jws aircraft electric system, airborne utilisation equipment and external DC and AC power equipment for starting and servicing to be fitted onboard naval ships and establishments.

With 10 s period: The cable assemblies are to be duel extrusion insulated, manufactured and tested in accordance with NES This statement of requirement covers the manufacturing, testing and onboard commissioning of the transformer rectifier unit required to provide