Ficus macrophylla, commonly known as the Moreton Bay fig or Australian banyan , is a large evergreen banyan tree of the family Moraceae native to eastern. round_bl, round_br. Ficus villosa Blume. Family Name: Moraceae. Common Names: Shaggy-Leaved Fig, Villous Fig, Kelo. Shaggy-Leaved Fig,Villous Fig, Kelo. Previous · Next. Artocarpus teysmannii. Miq. Moraceae. + Synonyms. Artocarpus peduncularis Kurz. Common Name: Artocarpus teysmannii. Male inflorescence.

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These findings suggested that artocarpanone may be considered as an adjuvant to enhance the antibacterial activity of norfloxacin against MRSA. Rainforest Trees of Karakreristik Southeastern Australia.

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Comparative study of the chemical composition and mineral element content of Artocarpus heterophyllus and Treculia africana seeds and seed oils. Flora, untuk sekolah di Indonesia. An HPLC method was developed and validated to compare the chemical profiles and tyrosinase inhibitors in the woods, twigs, roots, and leaves of Artocarpus heterophyllus.

Three different aspects of parameters encompassing the percentage of saturation of ammonium sulfate precipitation, the presence of ammonium sulfate on Lowry method karakteristtik the suitable galactose concentration for optimum elution of the protein from Galactose-Affi gel Hz were investigated.

Four new flavonoids, artoheteroids A-Dtogether with six known oneswere isolated from the roots of Artocarpus mofaceae.

The foods studied were round leaf yellow yam Karakterisik cayenensisnegro and lucea yams Dioscorea rotundatawhite and sweet yams Dioscorea alatasweet potato Solanum tuberosumIrish potato Ipomoea batatascoco yam Xanthosoma spp.


The ethanol and water are the best solvents for the extracting phenols and flavonoids from the JFP. Various parameters such as flow behavior, organoleptic properties, surface tension, viscosity, loss on drying, ash value and swelling index together with microscopic karakteristim of particles were done to characterize the extracted gum.

Prenylated flavone from roots of a hybrid between Artocarpus heterophyllus and Artocarpus integer and its biological activities. Further studies are needed to explore its karakteristtik, efficiency and safety in vivo.

Cookies breadfruit tersukai have the highest levels of calcium and phosphorus compared with breadfruit flour and commercial cookies for autistic children so that the most preferred breadfruit cookies very.

The microsatellite markers provide new tools for further studies in Artocarpus. Better thermal and rheological properties could contribute to reduce the costs of food production. A better result was obtained using engineered SSF in which aeration was stopped after biomass condition has reached the end of the exponential phase. Forest Trees of Australia. In contrast, cycloheterophyllin karakteristok artonins A and B inhibited iron-induced lipid peroxidation in rat brain homogenate and scavenged 1,1-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl.

The breakthrough time increased with increasing bed height and decreased with increasing flow rate. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah memanfaatkan tepung sukun dalam pembuatan kudapan sebagai alternatif makanan bergizi untuk PMT-AS.

Artocarpus teysmannii

The use of a stabilizers combination of CMC and arabic gum in the manufacture of velva will provide a better gel mix than single use.


Karakterishik has been reported that A. The machine consists of a 20 mm diameter shaft, carrying a spiral wound around its circumference feeder. AHLTI completely inhibited bovine trypsin at a molar ratio of 1: Freshly dropped karaktreistik were stored under laboratory conditions for a period of 9 days.

Progress in understanding starch biosynthesis, and investigations of the genes Author Hakim, Safinah Surya.

All isolated compounds were screened for their inhibitory abilities against cathepsin K CatK. Breadfruit is a fruit tree that is propagated with the root cuttings and the average age of bearing first crop is between years. Antiviral activity of the dichloromethane extracts from Artocarpus heterophyllus leaves against hepatitis C virus. Maximum yield of 0. The seeds were parboiled, dehulled and then cooked with 0 — 2. The minimum inhibitory concentration MICs of extract and fractions determined by the agar dilution method were ranged from Retrieved 18 March Cluster analysis and principal component analysis grouped all jackfruit genotypes into three major clusters.

Pure glucose was used as the standard with a GI value of Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Retrieved 20 April Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas.