The second Grant County novel, from the No. 1 Bestseller. When a teenage quarrel in the small town of Heartsdale explodes into a deadly shoot-out, Sara Linton. Kisscut: A Grant County Thriller (Grant County Thrillers) [Karin Slaughter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gillian Flynn says, “Karin. : Kisscut (): Karin Slaughter: Books. Kisscut: A Grant County Thriller and millions of other books are available for instant access.

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Each page seemed to be trying to out do the page before it when it came to shocking grossness. The crimes in this book are not for the faint-hearted and involve young people, so be warned.

There were scenes which dealt with different types of abuse, self-harm, suicide, and murder. The brilliance of this book is that the rural normalcy of small town USA is a perfect backdrop in which to set this thriller. However, she is all about shock value. Married women did not karun control of their own money in bank accounts husband immediately was in charge karni all financial transactions and all credit after marriage nor could married women sign contracts alone for credit purchases like cars, furniture or houses.

Lists with This Book. Email required Address never made public. Not too long after, Sara who besides being a pediatrician is also the town’s coroner makes a revolting finding.

Refresh and try again. A big, nasty net of child pornography and molestation is found in Grant County, and it seems every single person is guilty. I slayghter have been deemed Satan’s own at sslaughter birth as a newborn.

I found the ending very unfair but sadly reflecting on things really turns out in cases like that.

Kisscut (Grant County, #2) by Karin Slaughter

Jenny’s autopsy reveals years of slaughtr, female genital mutilation and self-harming. Abusers almost never admit to abusing anyone, so often the truth is only word against word.

Some, but only some, people thought family abuse was immoral, but after all, it was a biblical commandment for men to ‘correct’ their women and children. Her soliloquy near the end was extraordinary. Jenny, a high school student, confronts a teenage boy outside a roller skating rink, threatening him with a gun.


Sara Linton and her ex-husband finally seem to be moving on from his infidelity. She never divorced, and she never protected her children except to ask god to protect them. He seems very sad that his mother Grace is about to die from breast cancer, but that is mostly it.

Book Review: Kisscut (Karin Slaughter)

The moon was high above the trees, and a breeze was coming in off the lake. The confrontation sets into motion a complex investigation of a group of teens in Grant County.

Discover what to read next. Sara Linton is with her sister Tessa at the skating rink.

Faith had seven children who felt and feel she was a saint. It’s an awful, uncomfortable story that Slaughter tells masterfully.

The Curious Guy Abhijeet’s Blog. Male abusers who abused the family were not either offenders or criminals by any definition. So my advice is to read the first one first. Then there’s the subplot, presumably I didn’t realize this was the second in a series, and thus didn’t read the first book before reading this—oops carried over from the previous book, about a sheriff’s deputy struggling to get her life back in order after a traumatic ordeal.

He is also the local police chief.

But when a Saturday night argument between teenagers at the local skating rink leads to death—and a subsequent autopsy reveals evidence of ritualistic self-mutilation and long-term abuse—she realizes that true evil is closer than she slaughte. I still don’t like the characters but this time the story dragged me in and I raced through the book. Thankfully, I see they, actual physical beings with actual physical activities in this reality plane, are physically and actively protecting their children to the best of their ability, education level and financial status.

It was only decades later, when we survivors began to talk openly about it, we learned exactly how common abuse and rape was in the neighborhood.

Want to Read saving….

I will have to try it again now I have read 2. Plus, there are gruesome and absolutely evil crimes that they will all struggle to deal with and evil perpetrators who are able to run rings around the investigative team. Lacey Patterson is abducted outside the clinic when she tries to tell Sara what is going on, and Mark soon thereafter tells Lena the horrific things he is being subjected to and then attempts suicide. My own biggest remaining issues with what happened, still setting me off into rants today, are people who rely on a god to fix it all or who believe if god didn’t fix the problem it must be you were blocking god or it’s all a mystery of god’s divine will, or those who think it happens only when bad people are being bad but it never happens when people are good or Republican Party voters.


As tough as the subject matter was I kept reading to find out the next clue as to who was the mastermind behind it all. If you are a reader who enjoys a good story and good characters, read this book.

On the one hand, I started the book krin, stayed up too late reading it, and finished it this morning. I was two years old, and my dad was screaming at my mother for some reason. We discovered that as we endured the chaos within our own four walls, we did kusscut know as much as we thought that next door the same kissctu worse chaos and pain was being played out.

The families turn their backs.

Jeffrey and his officers are off ksscut save the case. At twenty-eight weeks old, Jenny Weaver’s child might have been viable outside the womb had its mother not tried to flush elaughter down the toilet. A horrific journey into the heart of Grant County begins.

Even overlooking my slight dislike for the main characters, I had also some problems with the storyline. She hated her sister because she believed her sister was her father’s favorite.