Ken Lackman EFL Magazine Author. Ken Lackman spent seven years in Prague teaching English and developing teaching materials for The Caledonian . He is the founder and leader of Ken Lackman & Associates, a thriving teacher training project, offering workshops, mini-conferences and other types of. Ken Lackman (B. Ed., DELTA) is a frequent presenter at IATEFL conferences and other conferences in North America. He began his teaching career in at.

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And I so agree with this point: These sessions are held on Saturdays at English Central and feature four workshops beginning at 9: Join 21, other followers.

I just wanted to second what Neil and others are saying. FREE page ebook Click here to get your free book. Coursebooks seem to leave a lot to desire in terms of reformulation-rich affordances, demand-high implementation, and conversation-oriented practice of the exploratory kind.

Every teacher has their strengths and weaknesses. Text, Discourse and Corpora, London: Word quickly spread and soon afterward Ken received requests to present at numerous other conferences and schools in the greater Toronto area.

Ken Lackman

These lesson frameworks and activities are methodologically sound and completely student-centred. As Dwight Atkinson By routines, I mean the kinds of useful phrases, sentence frames, formulaic utterances lackan that are commonly associated with a way of talking or, for that matter, writing about a topic and which are made available to learners in a kind of DIY spirit.

Teachers who have used our methods and activities in their classes have remarked on noticeable improvements in their kenn in terms of student involvement and motivation. The answer depends on what determines good and bad teaching. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I have enjoyed your work books, blog, vids for some time.


None of the speakers referenced sociocultural learning theory specifically, although each talk was consistent with the notion of scaffolded instruction, and the transition from other-regulation to self-regulation. That is to say, could the goal of the conversations be less about exchanging travel experiences, say, and more about trying to explain why travel matters?

Ken Lackman |

The workshops at the conference feature some of the best presenters in Canada and sessions are chosen based on general appeal. The other day, a fellow film enthusiast and I were trying to recall the title of a great classic movie The Best Years of Our Lives. Yes, I was excited about the confluence of Dogme-related ideas, as well as the training implications of a re-conceptualized focus on form within the three-pronged Dogme methodology i.

Nobody really fully understands how languages are learned, so nobody really fully knows how languages should be taught. Lots to think about. In short, they feel that a school staffed mostly lqckman native speakers would be more marketable. I think Michael Lewis was right when he claimed that languages were learned, not taught. The first, Conversation-driven or dialogic methodology?

Talk to the expert: Interview with Ken Lackman

Unless we have, as many schools do, a very narrow definition of what teaching is about, what NESTs and nNESTs bring to the teaching table should be considered equally valuable. We also will come to do workshops at schools and conferences anywhere in the world.

Most of the frameworks and activities are universal. I promptly went out and ordered them — lavkman the quote. Activity Books Many of the activities and teaching frameworks featured kne our workshops are available online in PDF format.


This is my first time posting on this blog. After target language is presented and explained, one only needs to choose one or more of these activities to round off the lesson with.

Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For those who are interested, discussions will continue at Scallywagsa terrific pub a short walk away from English Central. Thank you so much for your mention. Scott, Thanks for the reading. Find out as much as you can about teaching and keep experimenting in the classroom.

Suffice it to quote the very quotable John Holt Our activity workshops are based on a similar premise, with universal activities that, once learned, can be easily plugged into a lesson, even on the spot.

If you mean that a coursebook puts into words what the learner wants to express, I would think that this could only be accidental, at best.

The demo lesson consisted of cycles of pairwork conversations on a topic that had been selected by a class brainstorm and vote alternating with similar conversations between the teacher and a selected student. The second presentation that had me wondering was by Ken Lackman: