Knightmare Chess is a fantasy chess variant published by Steve Jackson Games (SJG) in It is a translation of a French game Tempête sur l’échiquier (Storm on the Chessboard), designed by Pierre Cléquin and Bruno Faidutti. A stand- alone 80 card expansion called Series 2 was scheduled for a. Steam Workshop: Tabletop Simulator. This is the complete set of the card, third edition of Knightmare Chess (plus one blank). This mod. As played out by the rules of Knightmare Chess, the game-master distributes cards accordingly. (These rules will be posted) Then the first game-post is.

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If you saved the knkghtmare to your chest, it’s probably outdated. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You place a marker on it.

Knightmare Chess – Wikipedia

More favorite cards and combos coming soon. Mar 8, CURSE could indeed kniightmare worded better, but it restricts a piece moving diagonally or orthogonally to a distance of no more than 2 squares. If you have questions, even pretty specific ones, feel free to email me at MChirchill at comcast dot net. The game includes variants where players build decks rather than draw knightare randomly, or handicap one player over another by allowing fewer cards in his deck, and these are for more seasoned players.

Wildebeest Chess Wolf Chess. Chess purists may be offended that it perverts of the most hallowed of strategy games, but I recommend Knightmare Chess to anyone who enjoys chess and does not take it too seriously. The double-move cards are treated as if the total displacement of the piece were one move.


Your piece moves one square in the appropriate direction and explodes, taking out the pieces adjacent to its final position. The strategy, therefore, comes from adapting your deck over multiple games to best counter the strengths of your opponent.

TABLE GAME REVIEW: Knightmare Chess

Play Fatal Attraction at the end of your turn, Pacifism at the beginning of your next turn. Castling in Knightmare Chess is odd, because Knightmare Chess allows you to put your King in check as long as he’s out by the end of the turn. Take one from another set, make one out of clay, or use a proxy.

Strictly speaking, it is not a game in its own right, but an expansion set of cards which modify the rules of the classic game. Does that violate the Checkmate Rule, even though I was already in checkmate?

Sign In Create an Account Cancel. The pieces are regarded as captured.

Tabletop Simulator Store Page. If he can do this without moving the King, then White wins.

Tell us some of the abilities the cards grant. I’d suggest an alternative deck of cards, the same except for more child-friendly illustrations, might be used be used for when a child ren is playing the game.

Review of Knightmare Chess (3rd Edition)

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: How is it that complicated? This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. What happens however if you are placed in check? Yes, because it does not say “with a captured piece”.


Steam Workshop :: Knightmare Chess (Complete Set)

Views Read Edit View history. Now he is in a position where the Black’s King is in checkmate, because it is surrounded by his own pieces. It’s my favorite chess variant as well.

He may play the same card, or a different one, as long as his move is different. It does not say anything about the King changing sides. However you choose to play, the main thing is to enjoy yourself. If I play PANIC, can my opponent make a move quickly and then take his time to decide which “after move” card to play?

The main point is that, regardless of the current victory conditions and a player’s ability to fulfill it, a King may not end mnightmare turn in check. Description Discussions Comments Change Notes. Designed by Geeks Powered by Geek Syndicate.

Except that card text overrides this rule, even if it would be “okay” given the backup King. The game could’ve used some more balancing – some of the cards were absolutely broken.

If Black hasn’t moved any of the pieces around him, he might be put in checkmate by this method or he might have a card that lets him escape anyway.