Europiccola, designed in and Professional, in , are a sort of mirror of a part of the Italiandesign history. A combination of style, quality and reliability. Models Europiccola and Professional represent the best expression in terms of technology and valuable materials. Pure-gold-plated, they are a precious piece. La Pavoni’s Europiccola EPC-8 Manual Espresso Machine is a classic device that produces up to 8 consecutive high-quality espresso shots at a time.

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If the pull is difficult, I only do a half pull and then start on a second pull.

Choose an option V V Clear. Domestic LineLever MachinesProfessional. By forcing steam through the grouphead to the shower manua it not only overheated the espresso grind in the portafilter; it put undo stress and heat on the grouphead gaskets, boiler gasket, sight glass seals, and to much air from boiling the water continuously burner out the heating element itself.

What I did; was to go through it and replace all that I have found wrong with it. Domestic LineOptionals. So I will just take the opportunity to give you a few tips. In the pictures I took to sell this unit I used the double basket sold by La Pavoni and it can make great espresso with practice.

Choose an option V V Clear. What the last owner did to this unit was to put a heavy spring in the pressure relief valve that must have increased the pressure and heat in the boiler until it forced leaks.

So do yourself another great big favor If it goes hard, don’t force it, go ahead and wait for the pressure in the grouphead to release and then slowly turn the portafilter handle to relieve the pressure still in the grouphead.


These machines rely on the lever operator you and the piston in the grouphead to create the pressure to force hot water approximately degrees F through the puck in the filter basket. But be aware that pressure may still be in the grouphead, so be careful with the portafilter. I then put the portafilter into the grouphead and turn it just enough to know that it catches, but do not tighten it down yet. I use both the single and the double for single-origins.

They are designed to never overheat or build up too much pressure. You may also likeā€¦ Add to cart. The older La Pavonis did not have a reset able or replaceable fuse it was inconveniently wired up inside of the heating element body and almost impossible to replace.

La Pavoni Europiccola instructions for newbies

The lever is then lowered, causing the piston to force the water through the coffee into the cup. I can tell you one thing it did In other words these people really messed up. Well that is about it.

The spring is set so that it allows pressure in the boiler to be let off europiccloa the unit is up to the appropriate temperature. Is this expectable or am I doing something wrong?

Continuing navigation consent to the use of cookies. Perhaps for me it is Another issue is the tamper; I don’t know why a company as prestigious as La Pavoni sends a tamper pavkni such low quality More often than not though I do two Fellini’s and two full pulls.

The espresso itself is actually creamy and the crema ooohhh A combination of style, quality and reliability.

If you choke the pull do not immediately take off the portafilter! It gives me an idea of what it can add to a blend and can lead to a nice balanced blend. If the stroke gets choked the lever doesn’t want to go down even with very firm pressure There are however some coffees that I drink mainly as single origins.


The machine is not the problem. It is somewhat similar to the letter in this post but does contain the differrences you pqvoni out. ruropiccola

La Pavoni Europiccola EPBB-8 Instruction Manual

La Pavoni lever machine owners International users group. The large boiler ensures that limescale deposits have minimal effect, meaning minimum maintenance is needed.

If you have gotten the handle down far enough pavoin be past the point where hot water is introduced to the grouphead; wait for about 30 – 45 seconds without further pressure on the lever. I suggest you visit some of the many Internet sites that fanatics like me tend to visit, manula is ample great information out there to help you out of any jam you may get into. I start with the Fellini, and then pull the first pull. Domestic LineEuropiccolaLever Machines. The one and a half pulls usually range in the 1.

You never want any part of it above the water line. I also descaled the boiler and put new high temp wiring under the boiler there was that old fabric kind that was horribly discolored and frayed.

It is a small spring with a metal ball at the end that fits into a venturi mounted on the boiler. Aside from the volume issues with the single shots Video Manuals Lever Machine.