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This is awesome cool!

LEGO Dune Buggy Set 8845 Inventory

Here I used an additional gear on the front, a complete second steering column and a small black ball as “steering wheel” for the HOG steering I tried out quite a few elements, even a spare wheel – but I think the ball looks best and it really works fine.

Looks cool for me Yes, I’m a big fan of the Dune Buggy, I still am. So, that’s my new studless version of the classic Lego Technic Dune Buggy.

I like the family-picture most. The Lego Stuff Welcome to the leggo greatest LEGO fan community! The Lego Freaks United That’s so puristic-minimalistic in one way and so fandom in another way. Next stage would be Dune Buggy t-shirts, stickers and pins, besides from appearances in brickfilms and the next big LEGO movie. The new one is one “stud” wider, the wheelbase is half a “stud” longer and I’ve added a second beam on each “lever” of the rear suspension to add some rigidity.


You can see the front part of the HOG steering. Add to my favorite builders Most “old” 8L bricks are now 7L beams, 6L bricks are 5L beams, and so on. The 845 differences are: Kego roll cage has the same dimensions in the side view as and the angles between the axles are the same, too. It looks totally at home being studless, and the HOG is a great bonus without changing how it looks.

It’s a lovely thing, just like the old set. The experience was just “Wow, it has become so easy to get all bricks!

And here is the rest of it. The basic design is as close to the original as possible. Lego Cars lovers Ever thought of a motorized version? This was the result a few hours later: Share your LEGO creations, free! Explore cool creations, share your own, and have lots of fun together. The classicthe new studless model, the 6-wide Minifig model with BrixoNils at the wheel and the 4-wide model. A new studless version of the classic Technic Dune Buggy from I remembered my “old love” a few weeks ago when I wrote a review for the original model for The Lego Car Blog and I thought: MOCpages is an unofficial, fan-created website.


German LEGO fans So I started optimizing the design a little until I was. I hope you like it: I started building an LDD model and then I kept “in the drawer” until it was time to build it “for real”. Lego Motor Group I bet, LEGO never thought of something like this. And it’s so much fun to play with it, especially for my 3-year-old son. Add to my favorite builders.

BrickLink – Set : Lego Dune Buggy [Technic:Expert Builder] – BrickLink Reference Catalog

I’ve already had the idea for this classic model built with new Technic elements a few years ago. I’ve also added a HOG steering, something I had done on my old model when I was a kid As I didn’t have an extra gear for the “right side” I used a longer axle going through the steering wheel, a second cardan joint and another axle plus a “spare tire” for the steering. With the studless model finished I also got my smaller versions of out of the glass cabinet and reworked the roll cages with new holders and rigid tubes.

Lego Technic Fans