LEON FESTINGER HENRY W. RIECKEN STANLEY SCHACHTER December 21 , /p/j- vi Table of Contents I Unfulfilled Prophecies and Disappointed Messiahs. When Prophecy Fails has ratings and 61 reviews. In Leon Festinger, a brilliant young experimental social psychologist in the process of outlining a. Leon Festinger of cognitive dissonance fame, along with colleagues, wrote a book titled When Prophecy Fails. It was an extended case study of.

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What happened as the end of approached and, indeed, when arrived, without the Second Coming having materialized? The Armstrongs and Mrs. In Hungary they began to unroof their houses. Feb 25, Chad Kettner prophhecy it really peophecy it Shelves: At Stanford, Festinger began to fully develop the idea he called cognitive dissonance. Indeed, he may even show a new fervor about convincing and converting other people to his view.

Although the road was long and straight and the fields bordering it offered neither cover nor concealment, she had not seen him walking toward them; it was as if he had materialized out of thin air. In the preceding examples fextinger of the facts are not known, others are in dispute, and much is vague.

Keech recognized it at once.

Festinger (): When Prophecy Fails by Marc Green on Prezi

They looked at various historical examples, such as the early Christian church, who believed that Jesus’ return was right around the corner, the Anabaptists of the 16th century, the followers of Sabbatai Zevi in the 17th century and the Millerites of the nineteenth.

If not, send me an email and I will send you a digested version. Even our best documented example, the Millerites, contains little evidence on actual prose- lyting behavior, especially among the mass festingee. If any of Miller’s followers walked abroad, they ran the gauntlet of merciless ridicule.


Our chief debt of personal gratitude is to the participant observers festingef bore the brunt of the day-to- day work: Festinger and his crew were very timely and opportunistic in finding a group that prolhecy specific about a prophecy that was sure to fail. We can perhaps make these ideas clearer to the reader by showing how they apply to the kind of social movement we have been discussing, and by pointing out how these ideas help to explain the curious phenomenon we have ob- served.

Many of the original documents of the MUlerite movement have been preserved and there are two fairly lengthy summary accounts available. The believer must have committed him or herself to the belief, performing actions that are difficult or impossible to undo. I found it interesting and I learned a lot from it, but nothing that I feel I couldn’t have learned in less than pages.

Their cruel disappointment and the hard- ship are well attested to.

When Prophecy Fails – Wikipedia

The year was almost at an end, the half-year during which it had been prophesied Hoffmann should be imprisoned had nearly elapsed, the two years’ cessation from baptism had nearly run out when a new prophet [Matthysz] arose. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here We just got the date wrong. Email required Address never made public.

We’re familiar with the variety of ingenious defenses with which people protect their convictions, managing to keep them unscathed thru the most devastating attacks.

They prophesy a date. On May 23, however, Sananda prphecy right out and said: In he met and convinced Joshua V. Keech or from the usage current among believers at the time of our observations. Two or three other newspapers picked up the story from leo Lake City Herald but none of them displayed it prominently or attempted to follow it up. Retrieved from ” https: The term doesn’ I discovered this book by looking up the the term “cognitive dissonance” on Wikipedia.


Keech had more than an abstract connection with other groups having interests similar to their own.

Now what is the effect of the disconfirmation, of the unequivo- cal fact that the prediction was wrong, upon the believer? Keech bloomed in the summer of and they also began to attract other friends who believed in UFOs and aliens who wished to intervene directly in the affairs of mankind.

We feel no sadness but are interested in the progress of the peo- ple of your Earth. Perhaps not so much from the preaching and writing of Snow, as from a deep conviction that the end of all things could not be far away, some of the believers in Northern New Hampshire, even before summer began, failed to plow their fields because the Lord would surely come “before another winter.

During a lengthy convalescence she became absorbed in Oahspe, sub- titled “A Kosmon Bible.

The day the saucers didn’t come: The story of “When Prophecy Fails.” [Part I]

Keech “Many truths you do not understand. She subse- quently decided that Daisy Armstrong was the festingwr referred to in the instruction, a decision to which Mrs. Simultaneously, there begin to appear in the lessons references to geophysical prehistory, espe- cially accounts of the submersion of Atlantis, and of its sister “continent” Mu, in the Pacific Ocean which occurred during a deadly war of “atomic” weapons between Atlantis and Mu.

On oft repeated chestnut in the perpetual debate between Christianity and its non-believers goes something like this: