In , the anti-Fascist activists Ernesto Rossi and Altiero Spinelli, placed under house arrest on the Italian island of Ventotene, draw up a manifesto for a free. Download, Total Views, Stock, ∞. File Size, KB. File Type, pdf. Create Date, Wednesday December 7th, Last Updated. Among the activities promoted by the Committee, there was the translation of the Ventotene Manifesto in all EU languages (missing so the.

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Where improvements are made in this economic regime, they are always solely dictated by military needs which have merged with the reactionary aspirations of the privileged classes in giving rise to and consolidating totalitarian States.

Ventotene Manifesto – Wikipedia

The absolute sovereignty of national States has led to the desire of each of them to dominate, since each feels threatened by the strength of the others, and considers that its “living space” should include increasingly vast territories that give it the right to free movement and provide self-sustenance without needing to rely on others. But from this gradually increasing circle of sympathizers, it must pick out and recruit into the organisation only those who have identified and accepted the European revolution as the main goal in their lives, who carry out the necessary work with strict discipline day in day out, carefully checking up on its continuous and effective safety, even in the most dangerously illegal situations.

Spinelli —86a former Communist, became a leader of the federalist movement due to his primary authorship of the Manifesto and his postwar advocacy. So, how can the EU be re-energized? Women are considered merely as producers of soldiers and are rewarded with the same criteria as prolific cattle. It is, therefore, fairly easy to channel them and their more shortsighted leaders towards the reconstruction of the States destroyed in the storm.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These tendencies have countless shades and nuances, stretching from very conservative liberalism to socialism and anarchy. Most probably, the British leaders, perhaps in agreement with the Americans, will try to push things in this direction, in order to restore balance-of-power politics, in the apparent immediate interests of their empires.


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The Manifesto of Ventotene () – CVCE Website

The first group is the one vntotene least gave in to the totalitarian rod and which will the quickest to reorganize its ranks. II – Post-war tasks.

The Ventotene Manifesto — French 1. With every day that passes, the war the allies are fighting rekindles the yearning for freedom, even in those countries which were subjected to violence and who lost their way as result of the blow they received. Rational solutions must replace irrational ones, even in the working class consciousness.

They hope for the end of dictatorships, conceiving this as restoring the people’s unsupressible right to self-determination. Beside this, their absolute dependence upon the Russian State, which has repeatedly used them in pursuing its national policies, prevents this Party from undertaking political activity with any continuity. But if the revolutionary party continues resolutely from the very outset to create the conditions required for individual freedom whereby every citizen can really participate in the State’s life, which will evolve, despite secondary political crises, towards increasing understanding and acceptance of the new order by all – hence towards an increasing possibility of working effectively and creating free political institutions.

After meticulous preparation, boldly and unscrupulously exploiting the rivalries, egoism and stupidity of others, dragging in its path other European vassal States, primarily Italy, and allying itself with Japan, which follows the very same goals in Asia, Nazi Germany has launched itself on the task of crushing other countries.

By using the police to control every aspect of each citizen’s life, and ventktene violently silencing all dissenting voices, these regimes barred all legal possibility of further correction in the state of affairs.

The courageous fighting spirit of Great Britain, even at that most critical moment when it was left to face the enemy alone, had the effect that the Germans came up against the brave resistance of the Russian Army, and gave America the time venrotene needed to mobilize its endless productive resources.


The social ethic of freedom and equality has itself been undermined. All its characteristics would be exasperated to the utmost degree, and progressive forces would be condemned for many years to the role of simple negative opposition.

Sergio Fabbrini suggests a return to the federalist idea within a new political agreement that can actually refresh the work of the EU institutions. Many of those who were ingenuously attracted by the myth of corporativism, can and should be attracted by the job of renewing structures.

The Ventotene Manifesto — Dutch 1. This arises only when the tendency has been to shape a servile society.

Ventotene Manifesto

At the very moment when the greatest decisiveness and boldness is needed, democrats lose their way, not having the backing of spontaneous popular approval, but rather a gloomy tumult of passions. It has even rekindled this yearning among the peoples in the Axis countries who realize they have been dragged down into a desperate situation, simply to satisfy their rulers’ lust for power. The ideology of national independence was a powerful stimulus to progress. All those countries which managed to escape Germany’s grasp would be forced to adopt the very same forms of political organization to be adequately prepared for the continuation of hostilities.

It will be the triumph of democratic beliefs. The Ventotene Manifesto — Maltese In order to respond to our needs, the European revolution must be socialist, i. At the same time, the tracks guiding these forces towards objectives of greatest benefit for all society must be strengthened and perfected.

Feelings today are already far more disposed than they were in the past to accept a federal reorganization of Europe. Completed in Junethe Manifesto was circulated within the Italian Resistanceand it soon became the programme of the Movimento Federalista Europeo.