Akbar introduced a new system for regulating imperial services which was called Mansabdari system. It was introduced in A. D. All the. MANSABDARI SYSTEM Discuss the evolution of Mansabdari system under Akbar. The Mansabdari system was introduced by Akbar and as a system and. Mansabdari System was a system introduced by Akbar for military administration and territorial commands (grant and revenue) to sustain parts.

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Thus the mansabdari system became an integral part of the agrarian and the jagirdari system of Mughal administration under Akbar.

The soldiers had to fight in war and also perform duty of police in the state.

There were 3 classes of mansabdars:. Handsome salaries were paid to a mansabdar. The highest rank of 10, was given exclusively to Salim, the crown prince. Later on, the highest number of mansabs was raised from 10, to 12,; thus there was no fixed number of mansabdars.

Mansabdari System | Ramita Udayashankar –

The Mansabdars belonged to both Civil and Military department. As the Mughal Empire was in a formative stage, it was involved sysyem a process of continuous conquests and annexations. Based upon the details given in the Ain-i-Akbari, the mansabdars were paid either in cash naqd or in the form of assignments of areas of land jagir out of which they had the entitlement to collect the land revenue and all other taxes through an authority appointed by the emperor.

Each horse bore two marks; one of govt. Chat with us on WhatsApp. Its efficient functioning depended upon a number of factors, including the proper functioning of dagh branding system and of the jagirdari system. Apart from their salary, mansabdarl Mansabdars were paid the cost of their establishment of the elephants, horses and camels.


Different views have been expressed regarding these terms. Officers were Liable to transfer. For a mansabdar, higher rank did not necessarily mean a higher post.

Mansabdari System – General Knowledge Today

Log In Sign Up. The mansabdars got their salaries from the emperor and paid salaries to their troops by themselves.

Click here to sign up. Though these men were normally aristocrats, yet they could not organise a feudal aristocracy, because neither the offices nor the estates that supported them were earned in heredity.

They were the Turanis Central AsiansIranis, Afghans, Indian Muslims shaikhzadasRajputs, Marathas and the Deccanis, the last two were recruited by Aurangzeb on larger scale due to military reasons. The Mansabdari system was introduced by Akbar and as a system and institution it was developed by Shahajahan.

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The mansabdars formed the ruling elite in sywtem Mughal Empire. Campaigns of Mahmud of Ghazni in India: On the basis of sawar ranks, the approximate strength of the imperial army under the effective control of the mansabdars could be readily calculated. Administering a kingdom or a state requires officials and their staff.

Asked by Topperlearning User 11th February2: Hence, the Mansabdari System of Mughal was a complex system. Tripathi, the rank of sawar was given to mansabdars to fix up their additional mahsabdari. According to Jadunath Sarkar, Zat was the original rank, indicating the officer’s position while sawar was the military rank indicative of the military obligations of the officer. These rules, though initially strictly enforced, were later slackened. Since mansabdars were free to recruit their soldiers as they pleased, they preferred to enroll men of their own tribe, race, religion or region.


Mansabdari System

There were no uniform rules for the systematic training of the soldiers, nor for the conduct of regular drill or physical exercise to keep them fit. Those holding ranks below zat were known as mansabdars, those holding ranks of more than zat that, but below 2, zat were named amirs and fall in the second category.

Please login systme to continue to your studies. Chagatai, Uzbeks as well as the Deccanis in the mansabdari. Appointments, Dismissals and promotions of Mansabdars: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Free related questions i syllabus is different. Then, it was first introduced by Babur in North India. Please login to see your posted questions. Asked by Balbir 31st December It was a grading system used by mansbadari Mughals to decide rank, salary and military responsibilities. At the beginning of akbar’s reign, rigid rules were not framed in this mansabdadi.

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