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Caneta Espiã | PDF Flipbook

This product does not have the waterproof function. Open the “time” text document, input the time settings string, the string is composed of “year. In standby or OFF mode, you can connect the device with the computer. Now the red light is on. The user is fully responsible for its using purpose. Make sure there is adequate light in the surrounding and the camera is not blocked by other items.

Press the button 1 for short time to start the video recording. When the storage space is insufficient, the blue light and red light flashes alternately about 5 seconds, then automatically save the current files and shut down.

TF card Socket 2.

It may affect the working of camera. Embed or link this publication. Card reader and SIMs C The audio is good? Do not use it in the place with strong magnetic or strong electric power.

Do not expose the camera directly to strong light, such as the sun light, to avoid damage to optical devices. Can I just say something: There is an image file directory for: The top button denounces the mole completely and should have been better hiding.


Part 5 is status indicator. Lighter DV — Hidden camera in a lighter.

Caneta Espiã

Adriano, and the quality of the photos and video? It does cwneta guarantee the video effect can meet your expectations. It is only allowed to connect to the USB interface of computer and standard chargers has output voltage DC 5V and current greater than mA.

At least write normally, IE, can you give a disguised as doing a check or writing down something on a piece of paper.

The time set up will be saved to the camera inside. Replace the batteries and see if they are discharged….

Spy camera BPR-6 hidden in a pen | Everything comes from China

The file of set-up time has been copied to the root directory, uninstall hardware, boot, complete set-up time. When the red indicator light flashes, press the button for short time to stop recording and save the file. Connect to computer USB interface or charger.


If do not use this recording function after long manuaal, please charged it fully before using. If you want to continue to use this video recorder, copy the necessary files to computer and delete the old documents in storage in order to free up enough storage space; When the battery is insufficient, the blue and red light flash alternately about 5 rspia, then automatically save the current files and shut down.

Please make sure to disconnect the device in accordance with the normal process to avoid the possible damage for computer and recorder. Keep the camera upright and stable.

The box is cute and serves as a good gift.

The battery is with no memory effect. When the power is on, you can connect the device with computer USB interface, you can enter espoa PC Camera webcam mode.

Blue light is a photo mode indicator; Red light is video model indicator.